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From the Editor

50GS is a journal that sprung from the Masters course in Creative Writing at University of Edinburgh. Founded in 2016 by Joshua Simpson, the baton was passed on to the new class of students in
2017. It is a place for poetry, prose, and any writing that fits the “creative writing” theme. Anyone can submit.
Naomi Morris, Editor-in-Chief


Connected by Nicola Bourne
Charge it to the Game by Karen Collazo
Gates of Greenwich by Dallas Athent
Book Review: The Tryst by Monique Roffey
Confessions of a Latina Arrepentida by Lourdes Duarte
The First Animal by Kandace Siobhan Walker


The Day I Became a Mermaid

One muggy Miami afternoon, my parents surprised my brother and me with an early Christmas gift: an exorcism. They’d flown in a pastor from an African Charismatic Church, a church where in addition to screaming in tongues and running on hot coals, they perform exorcisms on a weekly basis. Read More.
Italome Ohikhuare

Book Review: The Zoo

The Zoo caught me off guard; I wasn’t expecting it to be as fantastic as it was. The story is narrated by twelve-year-old Yuri, who suffers from brain damage following a series of tragic and extremely unfortunate accidents. One of the side-effects of the accidents is that Yuri has an everlasting smile plastered across his face that makes him strangely approachable. People find themselves divulging their deepest, darkest secrets to the little boy and this lands him in a spot of trouble when he is taken to help his father, a veterinarian, treat the Great Leader of the Motherland. Read More.
Huriyah Quadri

Nodding Off

At a family reunion all the old people were saying
follow your dreams. Last night I dreamt
I was exfoliating with dry ramen and dead skin
piled up like parmesan on the bathroom floor. Read More.
Daisy Thomas

Words With Poet Tricia Elliott

I think a curious soul is willing to risk uncertainty, to empathize with the unknown. I believe we all have this capacity, it’s just a matter of accepting the challenge. It’s also about being authentic, a daring thing in our culture. Questioning the accepted means you don’t get it, don’t fit in, or are trying to threaten the status quo. Read More.
Lis Mesa

Baggage Claim

Planes fly in circles
all day, all night.

You traveled alone, again.
There’s always one bag
no one claims on the belt. Read More.
James Croal Jackson